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Siberian Eagle Owl

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The Siberian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo sibericus), is one of the largest nocturnal bird of prey in the world, its wingspan can exceed 2 meters! A twilight hunter, it can attack prey as large as foxes.


Siberian Eagle Owl IUCN Status

EX Globally extinct RE Disappeared at the regional level CR Critically endangered EN Endangered (EN) VU Vulnerable NT Near Threatened LC Least concern

Siberian Eagle Owl Size

Siberian Eagle Owl Incubation



​Night hunter

The Eurasian eagle-owl (Bubo bubo) is considered the largest nocturnal raptor in Europe. The Siberian subspecies (B.b. sibericus) presented at EcoZonia differs from its European cousin by its lighter plumage and its significant wingspan of over 2 meters.

Taking into account the great diversity of the prey captured, the hunting techniques of the eagle owl are just as varied: hunting on the lookout for a more or less high position (rodents, hedgehogs, fish), close flight or along the rocky walls (hares, partridges, pigeons, ducks), hunts (lizards, frogs, insects, crustaceans) ...


​The situation in Europe

European population estimated between 12,000 and 23,000 pairs. Long persecuted, programs of reintroduction, monitoring, conservation and protection of territories have been successfully implemented in many European countries.

In France, all nocturnal raptors are protected. Nevertheless, the Eurasian eagle-owl remains extremely sensitive and the slightest disturbance can lead to the abandonment of the nest, so anyone practicing mountain leisure activities is recommended to stay away from the nests.

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