Paul & Ludo Digital Communication Agency

The website EcoZonia is a creation of the digital communication agency Paul et Ludo based in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

Paul et Ludo web agency has designed a tailor-made website for their client EcoZonia that meets both the needs of Internet users and the requirements of search engines. The agency also designed video media for advertising campaigns in cinemas, on networks and other urban media.

EcoZonia's digital graphic charter is unique.

After extensive graphic monitoring in the world of animal / environmental protection, leisure parks in France and abroad, the agency has graphically and distinctly transcribed EcoZonia's values on the web. Like each of Paul & Ludo's high-end achievements, special care has been taken in the user experience and interface design.

A tailor-made web development.

In addition to the responsive nature of the EcoZonia website, which is suitable for all media (computer, tablet and mobile), EcoZonia benefits from an ultra-simplified content management tool. Specifically for this site, we have developed a simplified management of animal files, a reservation center for eco-lodges with online payment and personalized park mapping with filters.

The architecture and referencing of this site have been the subject of a study.

After an in-depth analysis of EcoZonia's business sector and targets, we were able to define the needs of Internet users. The tree structure and the semantic universe have been established to satisfy visitors. A list of competitive keywords has been established to improve the SEO and positioning of EcoZonia on search engines, especially google.

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