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Explorez le monde des predateurs

Unique in Europe, discover EcoZonia, an animal park with
unusual accommodation and dedicated to the conservation of predators.
La réservation de votre séjour inclut les billets du Parc, le diner et le petit déjeuner.


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Un parc animalier
dédié aux prédateurs

Close to Perpignan, in the middle of the Mediterranean forest, discover the fascinating world of predators in EcoZonia extends over 26ha of nature.

As you stroll through the park, divided into ecozones, you can discover the most formidable animals on our planet : the Amur tiger, the dhole, the brown bear or the Amur leopard. Center for conservation, research and awareness, our vision is a world where humans respects other predators, symbols of wild.

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Dormez avec les prédateurs dans des hébergements insolites !

Entering the intimacy of predators is no longer a dream but becomes a reality thanks to the unusual accommodations in EcoZonia. Our ecolodges will immerse you in the heart of one of the regions of the world. Find yourself overnight in the Russian Far East and discover exceptional animals such as the Siberian tiger, brown bear or even the Amur leopard.

Discover a unique experience in Europe. In a prestigious and themed setting, you will have the opportunity to taste the succulent dishes of our starred chef and Bocuse d'Or, Laurent Lemal. So get ready to experience a fascinating and unforgettable night with family or friends in the heart of the land of the most mythical animals on our planet. 

> During COVID periods, any reservation can be postponed for the next 12 months or canceled free of charge.


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La préservation des espèces
comme seul objectif

Our zoological park is organized into ecozones (areas of the Earth representative of an ecological unit) in direct connection with a conservation organization leading actions on the field.

For the well-being of our animals and respect for the site, we have selected 4 ecozones in the world whose summer temperatures and / or hydrometry are close to those of the Mediterranean climate.

EcoZonia has been developed from the outset in the respect for the site by limiting its impact on natural resources, in particular water, its energy costs, the landscape and its waste. It also helps maintain a remarkable site against forest fires and promotes the development of two local species to be protected : the ocellated lizard Timon Lepidus and the doubtful Gladiolus Gladiolus dubius.

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