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Explore the interactive map of EcoZonia Lands of Predators. Visualize the
different Ecozones, species, unusual eco-lodges, food
outlets and other activities such as the Zoo-Athlon!

Ecolodge Project 971 Chtchouka Ecolodge Nomad from the Russian Far East Ecolodge Unexpected encounters Ecolodge Infiltration mission Ecolodge The legendary Trans-Siberian Leopard cat Siberian Eagle Owl Brown bear Grey Wolf Amur tiger White tailed eagle European Lynx Siberian polecat Amur leopard Dhole Dhole Wolverine Raccoon dog Dhole Great gray owl 2022 Falcon 2022 Otter 2022 Atlas lion 2023 Yellow-throated marten 2024 Great horned owl 2023 Cheetah 2023 Catalan donkey Farm 1 Farm2 Rapace Point of View Rapace Point of View EcoZonia reception area and its boutique area Wild Russia Ecozone Catalan area Parking Picnic area Predator in danger route (20min) Zooathlon itinerary (40min) Zooathlon Step 1 - Will you be as stealthy as a predator? Zooathlon Step 2 - Will you be as fast as a predator? Zooathlon Step 3 - To each his own! Zooathlon Step 4 - Long jump champion! Zooathlon Step 5 - What type of predator are you? Zooathlon Step 6 - The weightlifting champions! Zooathlon Step 7 - Easy to be a predator?
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