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Conservation Reintroduction program

Part of the profits from animal parks is donated to programs to protect wild species and their environments in the country of origin.

To strengthen an endangered species population, or rebuild an extinct population, it is sometimes necessary to develop a reintroduction program with animals born in zoo. Such an approach requires scientific protocols that can extend over many years. A reintroduction can only be a success if all the actors are sensitive and favorable to the project (government institutions, local authorities, association, population, etc.).

Despite these many obstacles, some animals born in animal parks have been able to reproduce and then be reintroduced to help save the species.


For carnivores, reintroduction is more complex than for other species but not impossible as evidenced by the many programs in place. Predators are also great umbrella species for the entire ecosystem. This means that by protecting predators, the balance of the food chain is maintained and that many species are also preserved.

Several programs are being studied on carnivores around the world, including a program that examines the possibility of reintroducing the Amur leopard.

EcoZonia, is currently in contact with the actors of this project in order to participate in the conservation of this species on the verge of extinction.

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