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Research animal wellbeing

The research themes developed at EcoZonia are primarily focus on conservation biology and in the veterinary studies. Regularly, students and researchers are welcomed to conduct scientific, behavioral and veterinary studies.

Research in animal parks provides scientific, logistical, material and financial support to organizations on the ground working for the conservation of endangered species. At home, the results of the studies carried out also enrich our knowledge of zootechnics and veterinary medicine.


Taxonomic and genetic research

DNA analyzes are key to maintaining the genetic variability of captive populations over time and preserving their ability to adapt to their environment. Usually, its can be done by simple blood test. 

​In some case, it is difficult to identify the sex of an animal, such as birds, a feather swab is sometimes necessary to confirm whether it is male or female.

Veterinary research

Research in veterinary sciences for wildlife has greatly developed and refined thanks to the involvement of animal parks. Large-scale samples are requested by veterinarians and researchers in order to learn more and more about major themes such as animal feed, specific pathologies and epidemiological factors linked to species.

Ethological research

Behavioral studies of animals are essential in order to optimize their welfare. This non-invasive observation method allows to learn more about the social relationships of animals, the expression of their behavior and thus benefits a better management in terms of reproduction of the species.

Medical training

Medical training is a behavioral method based on repetition of action and positive reinforcement (often a food reward). This technique allows training and desensitization of the animal in order to condition it to receive veterinary and hygiene care in a voluntary and comfortable manner.

Indeed, working with large carnivores does not allow secure direct contact between humans and animals. It is therefore important to establish a relationship of trust in order to limit the use of anesthesia, which poses a greater risk to one's health.

At EcoZonia, this method is developed on all species in the park, from the smallest to the largest!


The medical training sessions are visible to the public.




EcoZonia team is extremely sensitive to animal welfare. EcoZonia is committed to creating sustainable and natural living areas. Based on a specific ecosystem called an ecozone, numerous studies on topography, climate, winds, food supply and even the cohabitation between species are carried out upstream of any development by our team of specialists.

The species are not chosen for commercial purposes but according to specific criteria. We optimize exchanges, donations and reproductions.

In order to optimize the presence of the public with the needs of our animals, EcoZonia has choose to not feeding predators on a fixed schedule. Random meetings are organized daily and in many formats (feeding, medical training, free flight, etc.) in order to surprise visitors while promoting the expression of animal instincts. The animal team, the ethology and veterinary medicine students with whom they surround themselves observe animals carefully in order to increase their natural behavioral repertoire to its optimum.

The daily commitment of caregivers to our animals is added to a desire to raise awareness, scientific progress and protect ecosystems.

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